Why you should use our services:
Each of our drivers have over 25 years experience in moving oversize loads.
* We do all of our work "in-house."  No sub-contracting out of work.
* Our employees are professionals who receive professional training.
* We have 2 full-time mechanics on staff.
* We use late-model equipment to do our work.
* We pride ourselves in our professional image.

Our service staff keep their trucks and equipment clean and in working order.    
* We do professional work for every customer.

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Magic Enterprises Inc.
About Our Business

Our Mission is to provide quality customer service from your initial contact to your
inspection of our work after the job is done.  We stand behind our work and do not promise
anything we cannot deliver.      

Since 1967 we have been providing transportation services to satisfied customers.  We
have a reputation for straight talk and honest communication with our business partners,
employees and, most importantly, our customers.
History :  We started selling recreational vehicles while operating
a Texaco gas station in Strasburg Ohio.  Seeing the possibilities
of being a dealer of RV's we decided our future lay in that
business.  We bought some land just north of Strasburg at the
junction of State Route 21 and State Route 250.  From here we
were able to sell RV's and soon branched out to selling mobile
homes.  Since customers could not transport the mobile homes
themselves, we started transporting them and setting them up
on customer's lots as part of our business.   Business was good
in the 1960's and 70's for RV and manufactured housing dealers
and we won our share of awards but the market soon became
saturated with dealers so we concentrated our efforts on the
service aspect of the business, which was transporting and
set-up of manufactured housing.  

Today the fourth generation of Himes is working at Magic
Enterprises Inc.  Sometimes, all four are at "the shop" helping